Endevr MyID Medical ID Bracelets

As an introverted trail runner, I spend a lot of time on the trails by myself.  Like most runners I know, before I head out the door I make sure that I have food, water, and my shoes.  And while my adventures take me to some pretty remote places, I find that I rarely think about what I would do in an emergency situation.  While I can’t plan for every scenario, at the very least, I make sure I always have identification with me.

Endevr, maker of the MyID medical information products, sent me a few of their products to review..  The first thing that caught my eye about Endevr was the range of their products that gives me many different options to ensure I can be identified no matter the situation.  This is the most comprehensive collection of medical ID products I have seen from a single company.  As a plus, their products aren’t limited to those that are physically active either; they make products for all members of the family, ensuring that no one is left without access to critical information in a time of need.


Endevr is all about creating an ecosystem with their MyID line.  After creating your information profile online for free, you can then link up to 10 bracelets, 5 sticker kits, and a wallet card to your profile.  Additionally, each product provides three methods for accessing the owners profile:

  • QR Code
  • Website
  • Phone Number

Let me quickly go over the products that they sent me.


MyID Sport
MyID Sport – $19.95

The Sport is the more minimal of their bracelet offerings.  This is my preference because I don’t like larger, bulky bracelets while running.  It is made of durable silicone, making it water/sweat proof.  I actually haven’t taken it off since I got it, which speaks to the comfort and minimalism.  Another thing I love about the Sport is that they make kid sizes, which means you can get them for the whole family!  The biggest downside to the Sport is the size of the QR code, which I had trouble scanning with my iPhone.  I was able to get one out of the three apps I tried on my phone to read the QR code successfully. (NOTE: Endevr has let me know that they were aware of this and have implemented a new printing technique that resolves this issue – it will be available on all bracelets on August 1, 2016).

MyID Sleek
MyID Sleek – $29.95

The Sleek is a bit wider than the Sport, giving it a more sturdy feel.  The metal clasp allows you to adjust the size to the wearer, versus the non-adjustable Sport.  The one thing that I like about the Sleek is that it comes with the metal slider, which allows you engrave custom text in it.  This is great if you plan to be in remote places, because you can engrave key information in it in case you are outside of cell phone range and can’t use the other forms of retrieving the users information.  The downside is that the engraved slider comes with an extra $5 charge and is pretty restricted on the amount of text.

MyID Wallet
MyID Wallet Card – $9.95

The wallet card is hard plastic and is designed to fit into your wallet.  I like this for everyday use simply because when I am not running, I always have my wallet with me.  I keep it in my wallet with my driver’s license and health insurance card, both items that people typically search for in an emergency situation.

MyID Sticker
MyID Sticker Kit – $4.95

The sticker kit offers the most flexibility of any item they have.  It comes with four stickers that you can put anywhere.  Some good places to put these would be your bike, phone, gym membership key ring card, etc.  The possibilities are endless and with four, you can put them in places that ensure you are always identifiable.


I have switched over to MyID from RoadID as the ecosystem it makes me feel like I have all of my bases covered, which provides me with a much better sense of safety.  With MyID, I feel like my information is very accessible to those that may need it.  Additionally, I can create and manage an emergency information solution that works for my entire family.


  • Multiple ways to access the data ensures that your information can always be recovered.
  • Multiple products creates an ecosystem that ensures you always have your emergency information on you.
  • Not just for runners, but great for the whole family.
  • The app is easy to use for creating and maintaining your emergency information profile.  It allows you to store a ton of information that may be useful to emergency responders.


  • Other than getting the slider on the Sleek engraved with key information, these require you to have an internet or phone connection.  While first responders generally have better forms of communication in the backcountry, such as radios, this may be a problem in very remote locations if found by someone with access only to a mobile phone.

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