You Might be an UltraSpouse If…

(For this post, I enlisted the help of a guest blogger, my wife, to share with you the signs that you might be an ultrarunner’s spouse. Or any type of significant other– if you love/live with an ultrarunner, these things probably apply.)

You Might be an UltraSpouse if:

-you have spent whole weekends just waiting. You feel that you deserve a “waiter’s medal” just as much as your runner deserves a finisher’s medal/belt buckle. You may have even thought to yourself, “I’m like the Michael Jordan of waiting.”

-the signs and symptoms of glycogen depletion are intimately known to you, and you have developed coping strategies for dealing with Ultrarunner Joe’s your runner’s bonked out temperament.

-you marvel at the idea that a person can go out and run for hours and hours, and then come home and want to talk (or Facebook, or blog, or Instagram), incessantly, about running.

-you consider yourself a shoe-lover, but your runner has managed to outstrip your shoe collection. Your shoe boxes might say things like, Michael Kors and Nine West; but your runner’s shoe boxes say La Sportiva, Hoka, Altra, Salomon, etc. Because you have to have different shoes for different terrain, of course.

-you have ever watched a person scarf down 3,000+ calories in one sitting, and then heard them say, “Man, I’m still running a calorie deficit!” This is particularly annoying when… actually, this is always annoying.

-the rear windshield of your runner’s car has become an exhaustive list of gear companies. You can actually hear the logo stickers screaming, “HEY DUDES, I SPEND MY FREE TIME RUNNING IN THE MOUNTAINS!”

-your family vacations are based on race destinations. (Personally, I recommend you talk your runner into “Run Rabbit Run”– Steamboat Springs, CO is delightful).

-you gave up and started running to better understand your runner and this group of loonies s/he belongs to. Maybe you’ve even paced your runner in a 100 miler. If you have gone so far as to become an ultrarunner yourself, well, there’s no coming back from the Dark Side.

I know there are many more signs, so help me out here, all you other Champions-at-Waiting! One of these days, we should really organize a support group.

-UltraSpouse Becci


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