My name is Joe and I am an ultra endurance runner in Salt Lake City, UT.  I used to be the self-described out-of-shape couch potato.  After deciding to do something about it, I lost nearly 60 lbs.  As a side effect, I also found a deep- rooted passion for running and the outdoors.  I started on my journey into ultra running in July 2011 when I ran my first race, the Speedgoat 50K (I know, I could have picked an easier one to get my feet wet with).  From that point on, I have been hooked.

On this blog, you will find posts about my thoughts and experiences through such things as race reports and training sites.  I am also a gear junkie, so you will get a healthy dose of reviews on the gear that I use to help me along the way.  My intent with this blog is to share my journey with anyone that is interested and perhaps, help them along their own journey.

When I am not out hitting the trails, I work full time as a Product Manager with a software company enjoy time with my wonderful wife and two daughters.


  • As of May 29, 2014, I am an Ambassador for Orange Mud
  • The objective of my product reviews is to provide an unbiased opinion of what I use. For any current and future affiliations that I may have at the time of the review, I will disclose it appropriately.  I will always do my best to write all reviews in an honest and ethical manner and from a neutral perspective, offering both positive and negative aspects as applicable.

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