What I Use / Discounts

Below you will find a list of my sponsors and other affiliates of Ultrarunner Joe.  It is important to note that I don’t associate myself with just any brand.  I use all of these exclusively because I believe in the companies and their products.  While some of them do offer me a share of proceeds from sales through my site, my goal is not to make money.  I put half back into my site in the form of giveaways, etc, and donate the other half of everything I make to National Parks Foundation.


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Use code THEMANJOE for 10% off your order

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Use code JOEULTRA for 10% off your order


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Use code ULTRARUNNERJOE for 15% off your order


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2 thoughts on “What I Use / Discounts

  1. How comfortable are la sportiva on road and off road? Looking for a multi purpose shoe. I’m in Perth Western Australia by the way

    • I use La Sportiva on trails only…the more technical the terrain, the better they are, but they are not all that good on the road. Vif you are looking for a great multi-purpose hybrid shoe, i highly recommend the Salomon Sense Mantra

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