Product Spotlight: Olloclip 4 in 1 iPhone Lens

If you have spent any time on Facebook or Instragram, you know that even trail runners are not immune to the allure of posting pictures of their adventures all over the Internet.  I mean, how could we not with all of the beautiful surroundings that our legs takes us through on a regular basis.  Unfortunately, many of us like to travel light and are therefore limited to the capabilities available on our smartphone.  No matter how hard I try, my iPhone just can’t capture the beauty of the trails like my eyes can…until now.

Imagine the excitement in my eyes when I started considering the possibilities of the Olloclip 4 in 1 iPhone lens when I saw it at Outdoor Retailer this year.  This product would be just the thing to bring me one step closer to helping those around me understand why I love trail running so much (not to mention taking my Instagram feed to the next level)!

In the Box


  • iPhone case with swivel guard around the camera
  • 4 in 1 lens that supports 4 modes
    • Fish Eye
    • Wide Angle
    • 10x Macro
    • 15x Macro
  • Soft lens pouch

Retail Price: $70 for the lens and $100 for the lens/case combo (available only for the iPhone)


The Lens itself slides firmly onto the corner of your iPhone, over the top of the camera lens.  It is small and easy to carry in your pack or belt.  It also comes with lens caps and a small pouch bag to protect the lens from damage.



Simply put, this product shines.  I have includes some examples of some flowers and trail surface that I took.  You can notice the crisp nature and detail that comes through in the picture that is simply not possible with your standard iPhone camera.  There is really nothing else I have seen of this size, designed for an iPhone, that can result is such stellar images.





While you can use the fish eye and wide angle lens to apply effects to photographs from a normal distance, my favorite  by far are the macro magnification.  I cannot say enough great things about this.  Get one if you like to take awesome pictures while on the run, it is worth it!


Olloclip provided me with the 4 in 1 lens free of charge at Outdoor Retailer 2014, however, I have no other affiliation with them.

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