Product Review: Ryder’s Strider Sunglasses

Ryder’s ( is a popular name in the trail running scene, and for good reason.  This brand, based out of Canada, is known for making reliable, durable, and great fitting action eyewear; all characteristics that trail runners look for.  I have not personally had much experience with their products, but I did get the chance to review the Strider model recently, which is the subject of this review.

DISCLAIMER: I have no affiliation with Ryder’s, but they did provide a pair of their Strider sunglasses to support this review.

The Strider comes with a number of different options, including lens types and frame colors.  The model I reviewed were black and gray frames with a photochromic lens as pictured here:

Ryder Strider Photochromic

Price: $79.99
Product Page:

As with most of my eyewear reviews, I like to break down my review into five main categories:

The Strider excelled in the area of comfort.  The thermoplastic provides flex in the frame that allows them to fit securely on your face, no matter what size it is, without being too tight or restrictive.  I didn’t have any issues with irritation, even after four hours of running.

Lens Quality/Clarity
As a trail runner, I am a huge fan of photochromic lenses, in large part because where I typically run involves moving in and out of shaded areas.  Photochromic eyewear eliminates the need to take them off because they adjust to the changing light conditions.  A trade-off that I often find with photochromic lenses versus others is clarity; they seem to be a bit foggy.  With the Strider, there is a hint of that, but these are remarkably better than other brands I have worn in the past.  In fact, it is barely noticeable.

My initial impression of the nose pad was that its smooth surface would not hold the front of the frames in place well enough.  It seems that I worried for nothing.  Their hydrophilic rubber material provides a splendid amount of grip, even more so when they start to get a bit moist, which is consistent with their marketing message.  They rode very well with no need to adjust mid-run.

Ryder’s touts their durability and I didn’t have any cause to doubt that in my experience with them.  They don’t appear to be poorly constructed and seemed to hold up well enough.

They have a pretty slick look on the face.  While I wouldn’t wear photochromic eyewear around for everyday use, I think they look pretty sweet when out tearing up the trails.


Score: 4.8 / 5.0

These might be my new go-to sunglasses when I know I will be running at bit at night or in and out of shady areas.  As far as photochromic options, these are a great buy.


  • Light comfortable fit
  • High quality photochromic lens with better clarity than I have seen from other brands I have worn
  • No bounce on the face while active


  • Lens are not vented.  While that rarely causes problems with me in Salt Lake City where it is typically dry, I HATE fogging!  I generally like some sort of venting, just in case.

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